Our Story

a cherished trademark under ANC Brands

We are Vaddia, a creation from the heart of Porto, PT

Rooted in our vibrant city's spirit, Vaddia is more than a shoe brand. It is a celebration of individuality and fearlessness. Handcrafted with love in small family ateliers, each pair of our shoes embodies the artisanal essence that sets us apart.

to produce handmade shoes with love and care but also with a touch of craziness, so that women feel powerful and fearless.

Our mission is simple yet profound

We believe in empowering women to embrace their strength through unique and bold designs.

In our journey, care, love, and a dash of eccentricity come together to create footwear that not only complements your style but also accentuates your potent and daring spirit.

Chrome Free

We use super soft, vegetable tanned leathers.

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24/7 support

Call us anytime at 1(800) 555-1234.